When your Approval Processes are at sea, there's a message...

Those processes determine whether you sink or swim      

The sharks in the water are fraud, ransomware and service. And they are circling...

Regardless of their status, every executive approves a myriad of matters every day. Regardless of their size, every organisation uses executive approvals to exercise management control. That's why these important processes need to be treated with the respect they deserve. When your systems don't match the care you give your decisions, you can expect to get bitten.

For example, the use of email for internal approvals shows no respect for all your carefully weighed decisions. Email is a 50 year-old technology that is both flexible and convenient. But it lacks the necessary security to ward off those circling sharks. Mixing approvals in with birthday reminders, business pitches and lunch invitations is the equivalent of chumming the water.

Frustrations of the New Work

And the need for respect goes beyond just fraud and loss. Customers get enormously frustrated with slow decision-making. In the new hybrid work environment authorisers are often remote and scattered. Approval processes therefore need to detect authoriser availability and adjust accordingly. They also need to be able to monitor how responsive and service-oriented those authorisers are.

A Single Source of Truth

Reports indicate that the Zondo Commission cost almost a Billion Rand. The lesson is clear: when it is needed, evidence of economic crime needs to be incontrovertible and easily accessible. Keeping it all on the record in an easy-to-find manner is essential. Nothing short of storing the approval data in a dedicated, tamper-proof database meets that need.

What we are not...

Our solution is NOT an expensive digital signature solution that has somehow been hacked together to accommodate digital approvals. Digital signature solutions certainly have their place. But they are designed for signing contracts - not entertainment vouchers or capex budgets.

It is also NOT another approval workflow solution that is complex to set up and a pain to maintain. We believe it is impractical (and expensive) to try and create a workflow for every approval situation. Business simply does not work that way. It needs flexibility.

We also do NOT utilise email as the primary means of approval communication. Which means you are less exposed to the sharks beyond the firewall.

What we are...

Instead, the solution utilises the same encryption technique as a digital signature. And it can slot into your current and future workflows, no matter the complexity. But no additional workflows are needed from us, so set-up is a cinch. Best of all, perhaps, it utilises a familiar email feel and has all the flexibility of being able to route requests at your own discretion. All without the email risk.

It keeps the request, the correspondence and the supporting documentation all on record and locked in a single source of truth. And when the boss is away it allows for a trusted proxy to approve, or it routes automatically to another available authoriser. All requests are stored in a secure central repository and are presented to the authoriser in a dedicated, but familiar-looking inbox, together with all the supporting documentation. The executive can also use a messenger-style interface to query and correspond regarding the transaction.

But there's a whole lot more, so contact us, we are excited to tell you all about it.

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