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Because a tech stack can get out of tune

Orchestral instruments combine and complement each other in perfect pitch to produce beautiful harmonies. A great information technology system performs like those beautiful orchestras. It is seamless and fluid with each component integrating perfectly with the other. We continually strive to achieve this standard of systems architecture perfection, in order to provide you with the very best solutions available in our field.

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Regrettably, paper file systems are still deeply embedded in many organisations, but they can come at a heavy cost; both in terms of their enormous environmental impact and their massive storage cost. They are also highly inefficient in the modern hybrid-work environment. Paper files are not portable like digital systems and have a nasty habit of conveniently getting 'lost' when they are needed. In all, they are now well beyond their sell-by date in the modern enterprise.

We believe paper is best suited to where it belongs; in the forest.

Nonetheless, a sudden uncoordinated drive to convert to paperless digital systems can come at considerable direct and indirect cost. When the enterprise does not take approriate control, approval sub-systems develop that quickly become the norm. For example Digital Messenger systems - never designed to be used as an approval tool - end up as the goto for ad-hoc approvals. Similarly, the use of email has grown in popularity in replacing paper-based 'wet' signatures internally, even though it is highly unsecure and is causing havoc on the ransomware front. Conversely, we regularly find expensive digital signature systems - designed for customer-facing document signatures - being used for internal sign-offs. Add the ongoing use of traditional paper and verbal go-aheads into the mix of uncoordinated internal sign-offs and you end up with a screeching discord that opens the doors wide to internal fraud, because these disparate approval channels lack any form of coordination.

Our solutions address these issues and provide the ability for customers or administrators to capture data digitally and pass it to the backend while channelling the form data to an approver, who enjoys a single, prioritised approval inbox-equivalent for requests of any nature.

A seamless process that stays perfectly coordinated without the need for a conductor.
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Approval Management

All organisations exercise management control using limits of authority. Managers and executives carefully weigh decisions within these limits, but the current set of approval tools let them down. Little wonder that economic crime is at record levels. Managers need a secure, reliable approval system that is consistent across all devices and sources.

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Adobe Solutions

Your marketing people know that standing out in the modern digital crowd is not an easy task. Creatives must have the finest integrated digital tools to keep pace.
Effective webinars and digital training can enhance customer communication. But, once again, this requires the best tools. We have those tools.

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Document Management

Processing paper forms and documents is a messy business. It is bad for the planet and costly for the enterprise. Most organisations realise this and now utilise electronic document management systems. They recognise that the cost of paper document storage is simply too high in every respect. See how our solution compares.

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