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The complexities of modern storage have multiplied dramatically since the advent of virtualised workloads. Tintri saves you time, money (and your sanity).

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Because modern storage demands better performance and simpler management

Before the days of virtualisation there was a simple relationship between applications and storage. In those days directly linking LUNS and volumes to specfic applications made sense and you could easily monitor storage utilisation. However, since the advent of virtualisation in 2001, more than 75% of workloads have been virtualised. The result? Virtualisation broke storage; it allowed you to share computes but it also allowed you to share LUNS and volumes. Complexity simply went through the roof.

Massive performance, visibility and replication issues are the unfortunate consequence.

Conventional storage has an architecture that is built for physical workloads. It is costly and inefficient to use conventional storage for virtualised workloads. In a virtualised environment the huge workload of managing, administering and provisioning LUNS and Volumes is very costly and inefficient. Add to this the problem of analysing and forecasting space requirements and one can see why infrastructure managers are tearing their hair out when they mix the virtual with the conventional.

The solution to this dilemma is VM-aware storage that intelligently manages virtual workloads. This is the foundation of the exciting Tintri technologies that were developed by a former VP of VMWare back in 2008. Tintri has restored the simple relationship between storage and applications. The storage natively understands virtual machines and virtual disks and eliminates archaic LUNS and volumes. This is done in a hypervisor neutral manner and Tintri supports VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack and Red Hat virtualization (‘RHV’).

Over a thousand major organisations have adopted Tintri and are enjoying up to 6x more performance and 10x more density, with guaranteed performance for individual VMs. Crate to production takes 30 minutes and storage can be managed by anyone in the data centre; without storage expertise. In fact, they can scale out from 17TB up to 10PB with a single employee and one central management console. The compact 2U all-flash array can accommodate up to 5 000 VMs and guarantees the performance of every single one.

SyncVM™ enables efficient copy data management to speed up development and/or troubleshooting. You can refresh any number of VMs or Vdisks in minutes, do a VM-level fast data refresh without reconfiguring your VM, while ops such as cloning, snapshots and replication can be done without trying to locate LUNs or Volumes. You can either sync via the UI or use PowerShell or REST APIs to do the heavy lifting. As an example, in a few clicks you can synchronise a troublesome database from prod to test environment to troubleshoot and then quickly restore the original test state. Watch this video demo to see how easy it is.

Now you don't have to have a huge budget to enjoy the benefits of Synchronous Replication. Tintri offers a simple set-up and one-click failover, with an RTO as low as 30 seconds and a massively fast inter-data center support capability, as well as simultaneous synchronous and asynchronous replication on the same array. Equally impressive is that at the same time, a VMStore can be the primary and replication target. All this without additional hardware and no specialists.

For the larger enterprise the sky is the limit. Tintri Global Center™ ('TGC') allows you to scale out to from 2 to 32 VMstores. You can effectively control 160 000 VMs and up to 10 petabytes from a single console. TGC Advanced deals with your particular combo of all flash and hybrid-flash as one federated pool and suggests optimal placement for every VM, based on 30 days worth of data peaks (not averages), as well as cost, capacity and performance constraints, while ensuring the most timeous and efficient movement of data. Now that is 21st century storage capability in anybody's terms!

Download a comparison with conventional storage here and show your infrastructure guys you care.

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