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Make sure that first impression is memorable

The on-boarding process is where you and your customer meet face-to-face for the first time. Make it a pleasant, gentle experience. You will set a positive tone for the rest of your valued relationship.

If you get it wrong you pay the price.

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Is there anything worse than filling out paper forms for a government body or an institution? All those tiny blocks that strain your eyes and test your patience. And all those confusing blocks and boxes; seemingly designed to scare you away. But the blood pressure really rises when you know that they already have all this information about you. And now you have to complete it all over again...

Some firms and government departments have moved to web-based PDF forms. But they are just digitized versions of the same thing. Some even let you fill out details online, but then you have the hassle of having to print the darn thing out, sign it and scan and email it back (just as the printer runs out of ink, of course). Then there is that ‘smart’ PDF, which kind of works online, but is not so smart on your mobile device; in fact it doesn’t work at all on your mobile or your rather dated home browser.

The world has now moved to the rich brilliance of HTML5. Responsive pages that adjust to your screen size, wizard-driven input that doesn’t ask you questions about your kids when you have don’t have any, or your partner’s identity number, when you are single. Intelligent interaction and background processes that go on while you are still completing the input, so you get a snappy response. Even better, your existing information pre-populated into the data input, so that you only have to update your details, not fill them in all over again. Simple, efficient 21st century technology.

When these issues are ignored by organisations that are not prepared to invest in decent customer/citizen on-boarding technology, they risk their much-valued customers voting with their feet; simply ignoring them when they see that monster form, or worse, abandoning the process altogether. Many of these organisations don’t even know why they are losing sales or that their customers hate dealing with them.

On the other hand, smart CIO’s have realised that the guys in Sales need them badly on this one. For a relatively modest capex outlay, they can smooth the take-on journey and create the right impression where it counts most; from the very outset. When it comes to the real gold - highly-prized returning customers - the firm is naturally faced with the fiercest competition at the point when the customer buys again. This is where you simply cannot afford to irritate them by making things difficult and cumbersome, or they are gone.

Evaluate offer the option of using a pre-built comprehensive on-boarding solution or a tailored solution provided by ourselves. The choice is yours.

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Bespoke Solutions

The great thing about HTML5 is that it is so flexible. Add Bootstrap into the mix and you get nice responsive pages. These enable you to provide a really friendly input form that your users will love. But it doesn’t end there unfortunately. Interfacing with back-end data provides a mountain of potential challenges. There are many security issues and other complexities involved; integration is no picnic.

It is often best to go with a proven pre-built solution like Adobe Experience Manager. But sometimes your requirements may overshoot or undershoot the built-in capabilities. In our experience, a simpler solution is often required.

We will provide you with the most secure, most scalable and most appropriate solution possible.

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