Orchestrated Paperless Solutions

A great paperless workflow system performs like a beautiful orchestra.
Instruments combine and complement each other in perfect pitch to produce beautiful harmonies that are as pleasing to the orchestra as they are to the enraptured listener.
Our end-to-end modular service solutions combine and complement each other to astound your customer, reduce your overheads, improve effectiveness and integrate easily with your existing architecture.

Because it matters to you and it matters to your Customer

The concept of a paperless office did not develop just to satisfy the environment.

Customers from all segments are increasingly using mobile devices and they insist on having the ability to interact with you anywhere, at any time and on any device. They also do not want to repeat the filling out of lengthy personal information that you already have on them. They loath paper forms and they want a quick painless digital interaction with no fuss and no hassle. No printing things out or scanning things in. They demand intuitive digital forms that they can sign on their device, on a train, in a restaurant, on a bus, or even on the beach.

From a security perspective, the South African POPI Act necessitates the strictest compliance with regard to the security of customer data. Handwritten documents are naturally extremely vulnerable to being copied, whilst copies of identity documents, payslips and the like can easily be cloned for nefarious purposes. Protect your organisation by processing all of your data digitally; face it, you are much less prone to being non-compliant from behind the safety of your security protocols. Leave paper where it belongs; in the forest.

We imagine that you also want your incoming data to be captured digitally by your customer in order to improve accuracy and to reduce costs; that you want robust, scalable systems that are easily integrated into existing workflows and processes; that you want your customer information to be secure in and during transmission; and that you want best-in-class tools for your developers, designers and analysts. Above all, that you want one solution that is cross-platform and cross-device; that saves costs but does not sacrifice quality.

Oh yes, and you don't mind saving the planet while you're at it...

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Digital Customer Engagement

Your marketing people know that standing out from the huge modern digital crowd is not an easy task. Creatives simply have to have the finest digital tools to keep pace and these need to integrate efficiently to optimise creative workflows. Your written customer communication needs to be fully automated, easy to compose, personalised and tailored exactly to your customer needs. It also needs to integrate smoothly and securely with back-end customer data sources. In the same vein, webinars, training and digital sales interaction also demand the finest tools to ensure optimal communication.

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Digital Customer Onboarding

The modern world has lost patience with complex printed forms that contain irrelevant questions, as well as requests for the same information that has been repeatedly provided. This tiresome, exam-like process can be totally eliminated with intelligent digital forms that guide and help you and that know your details and only request information that may have changed or which is product/service appropriate. These intelligent forms also allow customers to capture their own data, improving accuracy, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency in the process.

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Secure Electronic Signatures

The Achilles heel of paperless processing has always been the lack of ability to get a customer, staff member or citizen to authorise a transaction digitally. Not every customer has an ePad or a suitable digital certificate, which either means low-level, often inappropriate, click-to-sign solutions or having to print out, sign and scan documents. To complicate matters, different types of authorisation require different legal signature types and new legislation now also demands higher security governance standards. Our range of solutions have been designed to match every situation in full compliance with the law.

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Storage and Infrastructure

Digital document storage and management are no longer a nice-to-have. Rising paper storage costs and the inefficiencies of tracing important documents can be costly from a financial, reputational and, more often than is comfortable, a legal perspective.

The paperless office and the virtual office are close relations, with VM's and VDI providing extremely popular and cost-effective solutions. But managing data-stores in a virtualised environment creates real headaches with LUNS, volumes and over-provisioning all adding to the administrative burden. VM-aware storage is the solution that ensures optimal storage and the lowest possible management time.