It's really time to move on...

Quaint though these things may be, customers have moved beyond the cleft stick, the map and compass, wind-up clocks, and most importantly quills and inkwells. They've also moved beyond fetching mail from a post box.
And they're getting more than a little tired of printing out documents and forms, then having to sign them, scan them in and email them back.

Because modern customers want to sign electronically

No organisation can afford to irritate their customers by using outmoded processes. The modern customer is highly mobile and pays little attention to concepts like brand loyalty. They want speed and efficiency and will simply move on if they dont get it. Signing documents electronically saves them the time and the hassle of having to physically file paper documents. It is rapidly getting to a stage where writing things by hand is becoming a lost art!

Organisations that don't facilitate digital/electronic signing face serious competitive disadvantage. But it doesn't end there. They also face the extra cost burden of having to store physical documents themselves. And when the time comes to dig out that five year old contract to stake a legal claim, the document is inevitably missing or ends up being an inadmissible fax or photocopy. These costs are unnecessary and can be penal, as well as embarrasing to the organisation; to say nothing of the loss of productivity (and the forest of trees that is sacrificed).

On the other hand, organisations that insist on seamless paperless processes from end-to-end are not only reaping the rewards of being good citizens, but are enhancing their efficiency and productivity, reducing physical storage costs and are enjoying the benefits of high customer satisfaction ratings. Signing documents electronically is now simpler than ever. impression® has become an increasingly popular name in this industry.

impression® is an enterprise-grade signature system that is safe, secure and legally-compliant.

The system was originally designed for a local subsidiary of a large global bank who needed to cater for the requirements of the stringent South African Electronic Communication and Transmission ('ECT') Act. Capabilities have been continuously enhanced to the extent that the company was recognised by Gartner in 2016 in the Aspiring Innovator category.

Three distinct product categories are provided:

wacom e-pad


An ePad solution for desktops/laptops that includes a patented forensic signature comparison system. Fingerprint readers, click-to-sign or OTP signing also available.

laptop computer

Field Interaction

A similar capability for certain stylus-enabled laptops, that obviates the need for an ePad

mobile smartphone with android ios and windows logo

Remote Interaction

A mobile signing system that allows documents to be signed securely on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Now you can also use USSD for your customers who do not have smartphones.

Download the Omnichannel Solution brief here and show your customers that you care.

Key Features

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