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When it comes to communicating with your customer, personalisation is no longer a nice-to-have and is now core to the organisation's ability to remain competitive. The sheer volume of communication that engulfs the average customer demands that content be made-to-measure and that all customer documents, whether simple or complex, need to be concise, accurate, tidy and bespoke.

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Because modern customers demand tailored content

Ignoring this new phenomenon is done at the peril of seeing the organisation's hard-won customers move on. If a competitor is more effective at tailoring communication, the relationship will be perceived by the customer as being more personal and professional. In the modern age, when this kind of personal touch is added into communication, digital relationships become as close as face-to-face interpersonal relationships once were. Ugly, cold, outdated and heartless communication will quickly cost the organisation market share.

Those organisations that have been awake to these new trends are seeing a strong uptick in sales, as customers appreciate the professionalism inherent in good communication. Lower query levels and less customer frustration are a by-product of well-designed, personalised communication and this naturally further enhances the relationship-building process. Whether the organisation operates in the consumer or corporate markets, the upshot is the same. Professional, accurate communication enhances the ability to do business efficiently and effectively.

Research shows that whilst three out of four marketers know that personalisation increases customer engagement, less than one out of four actually use it. Systems are inevitably what holds them back. Savvy CIO’s are increasingly turning to DocFusion® to manage the composition, orchestration and automation of the document-generation processes. With good reason...

DocFusion® is an enterprise-grade template-driven document composition and automation engine. Using SOA principles, it enables rule-driven content creation, as well as the use of digital signatures and dynamic barcoding. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer consists of a add-in to the familiar Microsoft® Word™ environment. This means that existing skills can be utilised to rapidly develop templates (even complex ones), which are then stored, managed and version-controlled in the system's library.

The high-speed engine delivers picture-perfect, personalised documents in almost any format. Based on the rules, the documents are fused at scale using template(s), Microsoft® Word™ style sets and popular data types (including xml and JSON). They can also be generated on an ad-hoc basis. In fact, several templates may be utilised to create one document, based on the specific rules. In this way, fragments that change regularly (such as director's names) are managed easily and efficiently without having to recompile an entire template.
The service can be consumed from multiple clients and technologies.

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