Getting to some customers can be a little tricky

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Because face-to-face is simply too costly these days

Collaborating with a highly distributed network of customers over a large geography demands that you use the most effective online conferencing and communication tool available.

...Read More Led by countries such as the United States and spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, communication and conferencing have gone digital; rich, unified and interactive communications are now the norm in organisations across the globe. Web-based conferencing is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a vital tool in your marketing, management and e-learning armoury and the market is accelerating rapidly, with strong evidence of high demand for easy-to-operate web and video conferencing solutions.

You cannot expect to compete effectively if your communication relies on face-to-face interaction or via a crowded email inbox. Direct, face-to-face communication is just too expensive, too cumbersome and inevitably a little late these days. Customers expect to be kept up-to-date with fresh, relevant sales content, while your personnel and business partners require constant learning, training and updating to ensure that they always provide accurate responses and remain on top of your organisation’s processes and procedures. On the other hand your managers need a quick, flexible forum tool to keep your business firmly on track.

Leading organisations and government departments are turning to Adobe® to help enable their marketers to hold effective webinars and to allow their educators to provide rich and engaging training.
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The Adobe® Connect™ solution tightly integrates with your existing investments and delivers the richest user experience to help your organization be more productive; both online and on mobile devices. With features that are totally unique, the mobile experience is as good as the PC, allowing people on the run to be as well-informed as their desk-bound colleagues. You can even host a meeting from your mobile device. More, you can have a personal meeting room with a custom URL, which you can use as often as you like.

The type of content you can make available also sets Adobe® Connect™ apart; from MS Powerpoint® through to HD video (whether pre-recorded or as live video). You can even interact with a recorded version of the session, like clicking on links, downloading files, copying and paste text. Connect’s open architecture means it can integrate with all of the infrastructure in your organisation, with lower IT support requirements as a result. The key being that, unlike cheap competitor offerings, your valuable interaction persists into the future for subsequent reference by the organisation or the customer/trainee/attendee.

Security is paramount with military-grade protection possible. Adobe® Connect™ is used by the U.S. Department of Defense along with other major corporations like Xerox. Adobe once again recently received the highest score for Webinars and Training use cases by Gartner in their Critical Capabilities for Web Conferencing report. 

Key Features

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  • Rich interaction
  • Adapt and tailor
  • Register participants
  • Analyse
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Virtual Meetings

  • Multiple devices
  • Electronic Room
  • Ultrasecure
  • Record and Edit
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  • Live/Recorded Classes
  • Immersive content presentation
  • Multiple devices
  • Track training progression
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