Are your manual Approval Processes at sea?

Approval Processes are the basics of Management

Good Approval Ops eliminate fraud and improve morale. But they also have these three key benefits:
• Enhanced control over the channels of approval;
• Enhanced discipline from an infallible system; and  
• Enhanced efficiency through digitalisation.

...Read More Allowing the current levels of economic crime to continue unabated and unchecked is simply not acceptable to any organisation. Every enterprise has to be extra vigilant against the scourge of fraud that is being perpetrated internally these days. The truth is you need better security. On the other hand, the ineffiency of having to wade through paper files, reams of emails (and their repeats), as well as WhatsApps, SMS' and DMs, to find that one elusive approval can be enormously frustrating, especially when the chips are down and someone has to prove that a matter was, in fact, approved. Your people deserve a better system.

The truth is that when an organisation implements an internal approval system that it fully trusts, the enterprise is then able to fully trust its personnel. Everyone knows the system is foolproof and potential fraudsters know it's not even worth trying to circumvent. When that system is also designed to ensure maximum efficiency and ease-of-use, it quickly leads to enhanced morale, as your people feel trusted in an environment where important decisions get made quickly and efficiently. In turn, your customers get better service and are less frustrated by slow internal processes.

Your stakeholders also sleep better at night in the knowledge that the risks of fraud have been reduced dramatically. Then too, your internal and external auditors suddenly have a little smile on their face. But the guys who really love you are the executives. From junior to senior, those in authority are continually pounded by a barrage of requests for approval that are inevitably unprioritised and come from a myriad different sources and devices. Making decisions is the core job of every executive (after all, the expression 'being in authority' is derived from someone having to 'authorise' things). So let's give these hardworking people a system that is familiar to use, that prioritises their decisions so they can focus on the important ones and that everybody trusts to be fully secure.
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Control | Discipline | Efficiency

ClickAuth is a unique enterprise-grade Authorisation Management System. The patent-pending dossier that is ultimately generated, contains every aspect of the approval process and is digitally locked and fully self-contained. It is also fully portable and can be read and reviewed in PDF format.

ClickAuth manages all forms of authorisation in the organisation via a single, centralised management portal. Regardless of whether a request for authorisation is captured manually or is generated digitally, all requests are stored in a secure central repository and are presented to the authoriser in a dedicated, but familiar-looking inbox. All supporting documentation is immediately at hand for review purposes and the executive can use a messenger-style interface to query and correspond regarding the transaction.

The centralised, inbox-style management portal can be accessed on any electronic device, whether mobile or desktop, allowing executives to review urgent matters while on the go. The system is run in the cloud and access is protected by Azure Active Directory. It comes without the usual phishing-style security risks, because the inbox cannot be accessed other than via the system itself.

For the users, ClickAuth is as easy to use as email.

Key Features

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