We believe paper belongs where it came from

Because we want our children to inherit the Earth

We established Evaluate back in 2004. Our mission is to ease interaction between three key players. Customers, personnel and systems. These are our core beliefs:

  • The customer drives the organisation but its staff make it happen;
  • Contented customers mean more sales;
  • More sales translate into growth and prosperity for all stakeholders;
  • A motivated team that operates in an environment of trust delivers more; and
  • Systems need to support this vision.

Our philosphy is that a business is only truly successful when the customer becomes 'addicted' to it's offerings. This only happens when the product or service is so pleasurable that continued use becomes compulsive. Leading organisations know this. They also know that their customer wants to interact with them seamlessly with no messy paper-based processes and unfriendly forms. Only digital processes provide the kind of smooth, unruffled onboarding and authorisation flow that the modern customer demands. They also smooth the internal processes that drive the customer service process.

We achieve our mission of eliminating cumbersome paper processes by sourcing the best tools available. When they are not, we develop them ourselves. Our role, post purchase of a client solution, is akin to that of a conductor in an orchestra. We direct the implementation, ensuring that the execution of the project is world-class.

This approach has allowed us to enjoy a proud record of dealing with many of South Africa’s largest corporate and government institutions. We also have excellent relationships with our suppliers and partners. This enables to us provide the highest possible service levels.

The Team

picture of Philip van den Heever

Philip van den Heever

Managing Director

Philip was a senior banker with a major banking group. He is an expert in business start-ups having been involved in the creation, design and development of several large financial institutions, notably a major infrastructure financier operation and the first majority black-owned bank and insurance-company in the country. Until 2004 he was the managing director of the Octogen group of companies. He has served on the boards of numerous public and private companies as well as a banking institution.
He has an MBA degree from the University of Cape Town and was bestowed a fellowship of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa.

Picture of Graham McNeil

Graham McNeil


Graham is a semi-retired business executive who has enjoyed well over 30 years of commercial, industrial and banking experience. During this time he gained vast experience in the complex arena of accounting for banks and cross-border entities. Graham's experience allows him to provide excellent insight into the financial aspects of the business.
Graham has extensive board experience.

Picture of Wessel Kok

Wessel Kok


With over 25 years’ experience in the banking industry and 19 years as an entrepreneur, Wessel has amassed great expertise in the marketing and sales arena. This broad commercial experience allows him to identify gaps in an organisation’s engagement process and has enabled him to assist with the development of highly service-orientated solutions for our customers.

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